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Taxations Mainstream Policy

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List of Convenient Services


  1. A total of 11 full function tax affairs counters have been established, offering 31 multi-location and cross-regional services to the public, shortening the time required for tax-related official business.

Seven land offices → Baihe, Madou, Yujing, Gueiren, Yongkang, Dongnan, and Annan

Three motor vehicles offices → Sinying, Madou, Tainan

One district office → Shanhua District Office


  1. A televideo tax affairs counter has been established, offering 29 different types of application services: Yanshuei Land Office and Guantian District Office


  1. A cross-district tax affairs service was established, offering cross-district certification, collection, and transfer services to Citizens of Tainan and Kaohsiung.


  1. A door-to-door tax affairs service was established. Citizens and registered residents of Tainan City who fit any of the following conditions can now apply for door-to-door services via telephone, fax, or the Internet.
  • Older adults aged 65 or above
  • Disability card holders or immobile residents
  • Residents who are confined to their house because of major incidences or the need to care for relatives with severe illnesses
  • Women who have recently given birth (within two months after birth)


  1. An early bird service from 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM during weekdays now offers general tax affairs consultations and application collections outside of normal working hours.


  1. An older adult-friendly counter has been established. With this designated service, the disabled and older adults no longer need to wait in line.


  1. A drive-through service is now available via telephone, fax, and online reservations, thereby saving time for citizens.


  1. Digital application forms are now available. In addition to automatically inputting tax registration information, the e-form also transforms traditional files into image files, thereby saving time for citizens.


  1. Tainan City Finance and Local Tax Bureau’s Jiali, Sinying, and Annan Branches share an office with the National Taxation Bureau of the South Area’s Jiali Office, Sinying Branch, and Annan Office, offering a one-stop service center for national and local tax affairs.
Publisher:Finance and Local Tax Bureau, Tainan City
Update time: 2020-03-24 11:11:00

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