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  Our office, which was originally in charge of both national and local taxes, was founded in June 1947. The administration of national taxes was transferred to the National Tax Administration in September 1992, and on January 1 2003, responsibility for business taxes was also transferred to the National Tax Administration of Southern Taiwan (NTAS).

  On January 31,2008, we changed our name to the Tax Bureau of Tainan City. After December 25, 2010, Tainan was elevated to the status of direct-controlled municipality which is according to Local Government Act, we started to be in charge of all local taxes of Tainan area.

  For unified financial management and in an effort to utilize human resources, the Department of Finance, Tainan City and the Local Tax Bureau, Tainan City were merged into the Finance and Local Tax Bureau , Tainan City on July 1, 2016.

  The tax payments made by all of us contribute to the development of Tainan City into a beautiful city.

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