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Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division

  • Local Banking Management Affairs
  1. Approval of business policies for credit cooperatives.
  2. Approval and handling of credit cooperatives’ cases.
  3. Establishment registrations, mergers, revocations and dissolutions of credit cooperatives.
  4. Modification or certification of credit cooperatives’ registrations.
  5. Applications for the general and provisional members’ meetings for credit cooperatives.
  6. Audit of the current assets for credit cooperatives.
  7. Renewal(reissue) and modification of the license registrations for computer processing of personal information for credit cooperatives.
  8. Approval of the relocations and business license renewal for credit cooperatives and their branches.
  9. Approval of automated service equipment for credit cooperatives.
  10. Project guidance assigned by the superior.
  • Tobacco and Alcohol Management Affairs
  1. Sealing up and seizure of alleged illicit/unqualified tobacco /alcohol products.
  2. Sampling inspections of alleged illicit/unqualified tobacco/alcohol products.
  3. Inspections of importers, wholesalers and retailers of tobacco/alcohol and non-denatured alcohol products.
  4. Containing the production and sales of illicit/unqualified tobacco/alcohol products.
  5. Promoting the education and guidance of Tobacco and Alcohol Law to the suppliers of illicit tobacco/alcohol products.
  6. Administrative penalties, fines and compulsory executions of the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act.
  7. Seizure of alleged illicit/unqualified tobacco/alcohol products and the confiscation, storage, resale or destruction of relevant ingredients and equipment.
  8. Assistance in implementing tobacco/alcohol product hygiene management for tobacco/alcohol manufacturers.
  9. Assistance in implementing tobacco/alcohol product labeling, advertisement and promotion management.
  10. Holding periodical and occasional meetings for the investigations of illicit tobacco/alcohol products.
  11. Handling civilian reports on illicit tobacco/alcohol products.
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