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Treasury Disbursement Division

  • Supervision of centralized payments; Affairs related to the payment vouchers received from the subordinate agencies and schools:
  1. Registration and cross-examination of all payment bills.
  2. Verifying the renewal of signature cards for the payment vouchers.
  3. Approval, numbering, registration and account reporting of the payment vouchers.
  4. Claiming, custody, registration and account reporting of blank city treasury checks.
  5. Signing, sending, poste restante(general delivery) and custody of city treasury checks.
  6. Loss reports, stop payments, reissue, renewal and cancellations of city treasury checks.
  7. Handling other treasury disbursement affairs.
  • Cashier Affairs:
  1. Collection and payment of the NHI fees for civil servants, government employees & school staff insurances and civil servant pensions & consolation funds.
  2. Collection of the charges and fees, grants, checks, bank drafts and contribution benefits.
  3. Reporting all kinds of income, payments of withholding income taxes; production of withholding certificates.
  4. Collection of bid bonds, warranty bonds and security bonds; deposits and returns of collateral; production of uniform receipts.
  5. Issuance of special account checks and production of differential reports.
Publisher:Finance and Local Tax Bureau, Tainan City
Update time: 2018-05-17 15:37:00

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