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Public Property Management Division

  1. Renting, lease renewal, lease transfer and succession of the leaseholder of municipal properties.
  2. Sales, donations, developments and exchanges of municipal properties; issuance of approved documents for usage rights of municipal lands.
  3. Inspections of municipal properties; settlements of illegally occupied municipal properties.
  4. Levying and collections of the rent and usage compensations for municipal properties.
  5. Compilation of all municipal property reports.
  6. Approval of scrapped, dismantled, lost and damaged municipal properties.
  7. Examinations of the municipal properties operated by the subordinate agencies and schools. 
  8. Dealing with matters of judicial lawsuits of municipal properties.
  9. Handling other municipal property affairs.
Publisher:Finance and Local Tax Bureau, Tainan City
Update time: 2018-05-17 15:37:00

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