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Administrative Plan

1. Proactive Reforms and Innovations

We will continue to research and develop to improve our tax-levying procedures, simplify our business operations and make use of information technology to increase our service efficiency.


2. Organizational Image Building

We will implement the approaches of TQM and 5S and employ sales marketing principles to establish a customer-oriented service model to win the trust and support of taxpayers.


3. Online Service to Be Intensified

We will increase our computer equipment, continue to enrich the content of each service item on our website.


4. Tax Education and Advertisement

As part of our effort to achieve a harmony between levying and paying, we will make use of all available channels to make the public understand tax regulations, safeguard their personal rights, and fulfill their tax obligations.


5. Expansive Use of Human Resources for Voluntary Service

We will make best use of manpower for voluntary service and organize volunteer-training programs to increase the knowledge of volunteers in order to raise service quality.

Publisher:Finance and Local Tax Bureau, Tainan City
Update time: 2019-02-21 09:10:00

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